Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Can Totally Sleep on Four Conference Chairs...

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Okay, so I'm having some car issues. Said issues are so complicated and frustrating, that I will not bore you with a blog about them. But instead, tell you how my life has become even more boring because of them.

Because of the car issues I have been catching a ride from someone else to and from work everyday. Which is fine and dandy, and I am super appreciative. But this also means I am arriving at work at 6:20 a.m. even though I don't really need to be there until 7:30 a.m. And I'm also not getting picked up until 6:00ish. So basically, I am now working a 12 hour day. Not fun. Especially since with this new work schedule I am averaging about 3.5 hours of sleep a night.

When this new schedule first started, I figured I would try to be good and get some extra work done. So I would get here at 6:20, dressed, made-up, heels on, and turn my computer on, log in, and get to work!

That "go get 'em" attitude lasted about two days.

After that, this is what I have done with my extra time....

Day Three: Came into work in my usual business wear, but wearing flip flops, carrying my heals in hand. Surfed online for an hour, paid some bills, etc.

Day Four: Came into work still wearing half of my PJ's, no make up. Got changed in the bathroom. Did my makeup and hair at my desk. Rested my head on my hand and slowly drifted off into a light state of sleep at my desk.

Day Five: After being dropped off at the curb, I didn't even go straight to my desk. I walked around upstairs, investigating all the office areas I've never gotten to see before, looking for candy jars breakfast, cute little puppy-calendars for me to "Ooooh" and "Ahhh" at, and snipping dead leaves from the office plants. I took some really boring pamphlets from the HR office, tried to shake a free soda from the soda machine (unsuccessfully), attempted to break my own record for speed running up and down the two flights of stairs, and stole a bunch of flattened cardboard boxes that were sitting outside some one's office.

Day Six: Came straight to my office, and proceeded to tape/staple the stolen cardboard boxes back together to create a fort under my desk for me to sleep in. Set my cellphone alarm for 7:30. Slept in my new cardboar-napping-house for an hour. Loved it!

Day Seven: Brought a pillow to work today to take into my cardboard-napping-house...only to find that the maids had taken it while they were cleaning the office! Noooo! I had big plans for that napping house. I was going to draw cute pictures on the inside of it. Maybe hang some Christmas lights outside. All for naught! I was so flustered that someone stole an entire napping house that I can't remember anything that happened for the rest of that day.

Day Eight: Brought the pillow back to work this morning. Searched for the keys to a co-worker's office who DOES have four walls and a door (lucky stiff). Found said key. Dragged four chairs from the conference room into the co-worker's office, lined them up one right next to each other (apparently, I am 4 conference chairs tall!), set my cell phone alarm, shut and locked their door behind me, and caught an hour of sleep. It was no napping house though. Sadly lacking.

Day Nine: Giddy and a little high off of my lack of good/sufficient sleep, I thought it would be a good idea to try and slide down the enormous stairway banister in the office. Man, I was right! That was an excellent idea! That entertained me for a good 25 minutes! I also decided to change around the name signs on all of my coworkers office doors. No one noticed. I also found a really cool little secret back door path leading to a wonderful little picnic-ish area outside. (Note to self: Next time work is making you want to shove paperclips into your eyeballs, go to the picnic-ish area, take deep breaths, take your heels off, and walk around the grass barefoot for a few minutes. You'll be fine.)

Tomorrow will be Day Ten. I would love to promise that something entertaining will happen, but I can't. In fact, I apologize for this whole blog being as boring as it is. I promise. I'll get some sleep soon. Then I'll tell you all about the time I almost got video-taped taking a shower by my creepy ex-next-door neighbor.

Cellulite and Tell You Right,

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